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anywhere in the world”

Bruno Barbey


Be your own kind of beautiful

Together, we’ll design a photo session

specifically for you!

LIVE THE EXPERIENCE of a professional creative photography session. Allow me to create memorable / unique images for your walls, beautiful photos for your albums, impactful pictures for your social media and/or, strong and powerful digital files for your personal branding on Linkedin / company’s website and marketing.

Anything is possible! That is what I am here for!

There is beauty in simplicity!

In-studio, natural light and on-location photography

Photoshoot includes:

Consultation & guides,

Photoshoot planning & design,

Make-up artist,

Reveal session,

Photoshop retouching,

Digitals  & prints,

Add ons available

Personal branding is a mix of how YOU present yourself and how you want OTHERS to see you!

In-studio, natural light and on-site sessions
For individuals or groups

Why is personal branding important?

Nowadays, Social Media has become a very important part of our individual and professional lives. The impact of our online images or our LinkedIn headshots has become essential. Because you need to present yourself as you are, I will allow you, in our photography session, to be “YOU” in the most natural way “WITH CONFIDENCE”! Let me photograph you at your best to capture your best social media image!

Flash on the talent!

Stand out and stop people from scrolling down!

Photography is an art + technique that can portrait your talent!
All talent can strongly and delightfully be portrayed through the lens utilizing the right lighting, colors, expressions…
Dancers, bodybuilders, fitness models, crossfit athletes, personal trainers, models, singers, music players, actors, yogis … any professional who wants to visually stand out in any field, We will work together to get the frame that makes you catch the eye of the audience to make them stop from scrolling-down!