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  • Body builders photos
  • Gym workout photography
  • Yoga studios
  • Fitness model photos
  • CrossFit trainers photo shoot
  • Personal trainer pictures
  • Sportswear catalog photos
  • Karate schools images
  • Dance academies portraits
  • Ballet dancers portraiture,
    and any sport or activity like music or theater

A fitness portrait is a way to write your story of dedication and commitment.
For your personal use or for your gym, fitness center or academy. It is time to just do it!


Fitness portraits are a new trend to celebrate athleticism. The hard work behind it, is a reason to create powerful images that speak themselves. The dedication on training and the commitment of a lifestyle are the strong reasons to get a photoshoot. The visual impact says everything. The studio lighting and the use of the right elements make the statement.



Why me?

Fitness photography has become one of my passions. I learned to work with low light, high contrast, high key. To get the dramatic – strong – energetic look I use elements like fog, water, reflections, fans, powder, or anything we can think of. To accomplish my fitness photography, I design a concept previously to a session. My client and I work as a team to build that frame that will represent the athlete in the best and powerful possible way in my photography studio in Allen, TX!

Social media and personal branding

One of my first and most rewarding experiences in my photography journey was to photograph Tamara Jenkins, a wonderful fitness instructor, creator of Sculpt & Groove. I was honored to have a dancer and fitness elite ambassador at my studio.  My lighting and her fitness endurance worked like magic. Tamara is the great example of how my images supported her personal branding and social media presence. Smartly, she has used her images on her marketing and promotional materials: banners, social media, brochures, and more. On my side, one of those images went LOAN in my first International Print Competition (IPC).

At my studio in Allen, TX, everything works out together! Lets work it out!

The personal great part about portrait photography is to get to know my clients. Working as a team we create a synergetic and collaborative relationship that makes us both feel proud of the final output. Photography has helped me to become better with people by understanding their fears and showing them how powerful everyone is in front of a lens with a proper lighting and movements. Portraits are an artistic expression of emotions. I would love to get yours

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