My Presidency at Dallas PPA

My Presidency at Dallas PPA


Representing DallasPPA in 2019 has been one of the brightest highlights for me as a photographer. When I was asked to run for this position, I couldn’t say no because it was an opportunity for me to give back.

My goal as a President is to lead by heart. I will do and think as if DallasPPA was my own business and my own family….I will love and protect them but at the same time, I will provide them with the resources and opportunities to make them stronger.

I see three groups making it work: our members, our instructors, and our partners. We cannot coexist without each other. Therefore, I will be looking to establish a stable, triangular connection.

I also believe that bringing the best education is key, as well as creating healthy lifetime relationships where everyone looks out for each other. In my opinion, we are not competitors. We are an inspiration to each other. By learning and sharing, we make everyone stronger. Our profession and industry continue to grow; and by growing, we improve our confidence and we become better equipped to give back. I see a cycle of compensation and growth!

Today, I want to give back to Dallas PPA. I am proud, nervous, and excited to keep up the good work we have achieved in the past and to bring new ideas to the table to make things happen!

I know that things won’t happen by themselves but by the hard work of people behind the scenes. I am thankful and proud of working with an incredible team of Board Directors.

For an amazing team effort!

The lineup we put together for 2020! Way to go Pam McGraw and Team! Together we made it great!


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