UPDATES: April 1st, 2021

TODAY IS THE DAY! Our personalized galleries are up!

I am so happy to share with you the images we took of you for Power Volleyball 2021 photo day.

You will get an email or text invite to review your images and then you will be able to order prints or digital files.
NOTE: Before sending your images to print, make sure you find everything perfect! All prints are final! If an edit is necessary let me know before sending it to print.

Besides the traditional club photos, I enjoyed taking some creative and candid images which I have added to your gallery for you to enjoy!

If your team photo is not showing is because the team is not complete. No worries, I will process incomplete teams under request. 

It was my honor to capture those moments for you. Feel free to contact me if you have questions!


Before final postproduction, I always send a test print to proof the designs making sure you will get high-quality products. They are fantastic! Here are some pics! 
What is next?
I am working on the post-production putting together the teams and individuals. I review every image making sure they are great! You will get a notification email when your gallery is ready. It will be around the last week of March-first of April. 

Feel free to contact me if you have questions!

UPDATES: FEB 28, 2021 

Wow, what a great week we had. Despite the rain, snow, heat, and fog, your girls showed up picture-perfect! We missed some of you and we really want to make sure you have the chance to get your pictures done, so we are opening up three more days, Thursday, March 4th to Saturday, March 6th. Book your slot now! Don’t miss this last opportunity to have your Sportraits taken!

We have added 3 more days this week: from Thursday to Saturday!

Step one – Book your spot

We have provided you with a calendar with slots of 15 minutes from Thursday 4 to Saturday 6 of March. Please choose the time that is more convenient for you and arrive 5 minutes before your appointment. Stay in the car until the previous player has left. No worries about your safety. We will be sanitizing and wearing masks all the time to keep you safe. Please follow the instructions. We strive to create the best images we can. 


New times available on March 4th, 5th and 6th


We already sent an email with your personalized access code to purchase credits using our advancePay system. At this same link,  you will be updated about  the progress of your gallery. Once your photos are ready, if you pre-ordered, you will get a 10% discount applied to the subtotal of the entire order. If you didn’t pre-order, no worries, you still can get your prints at a regular price.


– The option to pre-pay has being extended until March 6th 12 PM CT3. Minimum order of $30.

Why is important to have your photo taken?

You don’t need to buy to have your photo taken and you definitely should do it because we will create composites of the teams and you don’t want to be “out of the picture”. The other important reason is that these photos will be presented at the End of the Season Party! We understand that you definitely want to be part of the slide show!

Unique designs for this season:

Every year we design and offer a different unique design that is printed in the best quality material.

Our 2021 signature poses are:

INDIVIDUAL CLASSIC – Sportrait for website, social media and end of the year banquet
INDIVIDUAL CREATIVE – Individual tough creative image
TEAM CLASSIC COMPOSITE – A composite of the players smiling. The  photos will be taken individually but they will be put together as a team in a final layout
COMBO – A combination of individual and Team Classic

You will be notified by email of any updates. If you have questions don’t hesitate to contact Fujiko at 469 360 1500


We will announce in advance the day when the collections will be delivered at the gym.  If you are not present, you will be able to pick up later from the studio.


Our new system makes photo day easy and convenient for parents and safe for our player! No more paper order forms, no more waiting months for pictures, and no more sending in checks with your child! Simply view your child’s photos (and team photos) on your phone, tablet, or computer, apply your favorite photos to the products and packages you choose, and place your order. It’s really that easy!

AdvancePay is like giving yourself  a gift card! You have the opportunity to purchase a credit before picture day that you can apply to your order after picture day. 

Why should I purchase an AdvancePay credit?

With AdvancePay, you will get a 10% discount on the total of your purchase. The last day to get AdvancePay is March 6th. You can apply for your credit after you see your child’s photos to any products or packages that you like. 

How do I purchase an AdvancePay credit?

You will receive a unique code through an email sent from Fujiko Studios. Once you’ve clicked the link, you will see the option to purchase AdvancePay credits.  Once you purchase the credit, we will provide you with a coupon code to take advantage of the special offer for all the early birds! You can apply this coupon at the time that you place your photo order. The minimum order for AdvancePay is $30. 

Can I use my AdvancePay credit for more than one child?

Each player will have a unique code.

You do not have to download the PhotoDay app in order to view the gallery and purchase photos. You will still be able to enter a gallery access code in-browser and continue on with the PhotoDay experience. However, PhotoDay was developed with mobile devices specifically in mind, and have tailored the user experience to be as convenient and inclusive for those using the PhotoDay app on their devices.


If you order before Marzo 6 you will get a code for a 10% discount on your order.

You will be able to order after the 6th at the regular price until the end of the month.

We If you missed your appointment or were not able to come during the production times please call us. 

The address was sent with your confirmation time. If you can’t find it please call us at 469 360 1500

Because the appointments are one after the other we don’t want to create waiting times. IF you are going to be late please book another time or call to reschedule.

The club has decided to go with the Purple – short sleeve jersey along with the official spandex, socks, and tennis. Just the neat way that you would go to a tournament or the way you want recruiters to see you. We are taking the photos without knee pads.

It is up to you and your parents but if you do, do it in a natural way

Yes, at all times on exception on when taking your photo

Yes, but no the poses. We will have samples of poses that will allow us to put the individual players in a team composite. 

Snapshots, Inc. (“PhotoDay”) collects certain biometric information (the “Biometric Information”) regarding photo content for photos voluntarily uploaded to PhotoDay for the sole purpose of enhancing your user experience by allowing you and service providers who you have given permissions to then search our photo repository for all photos resembling a specific individual and to selectively group photos for viewing. By agreeing to PhotoDay’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, you agree that Biometric Information you provide (or that may be derived from information you provide) may be collected, stored, and used for the foregoing purpose pursuant to the terms of this Section, or that you have been legally authorized to agree to PhotoDay’s various terms of service, privacy policies, and this policy regarding the collection and use of biometric information by the person whose Biometric Information may be collected, stored, and used.  If you do not agree to this Section, then using the Digital Services (as defined in the Terms of Service) is strictly prohibited and you must immediately exit the site.

PhotoDay takes commercially reasonable measures to protect the Biometric Information from disclosure.  Under no circumstances will PhotoDay sell, lease, trade, or otherwise exchange the Biometric Information to those who you have not given permission to access your Biometric Information.  However, PhotoDay may disclose the Biometric Information to trusted third-party service providers that are necessary to effectuate the purpose for which the Biometric Information was collected, are prohibited from using your Biometric Information beyond providing services to PhotoDay, and are required to maintain the Biometric Information’s confidentiality and privacy.  PhotoDay will not otherwise disclose, redisclose, or disseminate the Biometric Information unless:

  1. The subject of the Biometric Information or the subject’s legally authorized representative consents to the disclosure or redisclosure;
  1. The disclosure or redisclosure is required by State or federal law or municipal ordinance; or
  1. The disclosure or redisclosure is required pursuant to a valid warrant or subpoena issued by a court of competent jurisdiction.

PhotoDay will store the Biometric Information until (1) you specifically request, in writing, that PhotoDay delete your Biometric Information (and you can do so via the mechanisms provided in our Privacy Policy); (2) the user that created the account that uploaded the photos from which the relevant Biometric Information was collected (the “Account”) deletes the Account; or (3) the user that created the Account does not interact with PhotoDay for a period of three years.  In any of the foregoing instances, PhotoDay will promptly delete the relevant Biometric Information as soon as reasonably practicable.

One of the main ways you can gain access to your photo gallery is by texting the access code your Fujiko has sent you to our special PhotoDay short code of 90738. Now, if you’ve never texted a short code before, there’s nothing to fear! The process is exactly the same as sending a text to a standard phone number, with no additional charges or fees incurred.

You can see it right here below!

There are two kinds of codes you will come across when it comes to accessing your photos: access codes and verification codes. You might encounter both during your PhotoDay experience, but what exactly is the difference between them?

Access Codes

An access code is essentially the password to your photo gallery. It is set by the photographer, and given out exclusively to the school, organization, and parents of the subjects of the photos. To gain access to a gallery, a customer can type in the given access code at galleries.photoday.io…

Or, if on mobile, they can text the access code to 90738, where we will immediately text back with a direct link to the gallery itself. If a customer has the PhotoDay app installed, it will open automatically and direct the customer to their photos. If not, their mobile web browser will open instead.

Verification Codes

Verification codes are used to confirm that it’s really you that’s about to log into your PhotoDay account and make purchases. It’s an extra security measure just to make sure you and your financial information are protected. PhotoDay associates your account with your phone number, so when you attempt to view your shopping cart while being logged out, we might prompt you to enter a verification code to help identify you.

We’ll send it via text message…

After which you can enter it on the verification code screen. Once you’ve done that, you will be able to view your cart, customize your items, and finally purchase your photos!

Have an iPhone? What about an Android? What if you have neither, and just have a computer in front of you? The good news is, you can take a peek at your photographer’s PhotoDay gallery in any of these scenarios. If you’re on mobile, just download the PhotoDay app from the iOS App Store or the Google Play store. Alternatively, if you want to stick to web, just go to https://galleries.photoday.io and type in your gallery’s access code if you were given one. If your photographer has created a public gallery with your photos, simply go to the URL provided by them!

To download the PhotoDay app, please visit the relevant app store of your choosing.

Step 1

Before or during picture day, your photographer will provide you with instructions for viewing your gallery.  You can either text your gallery access code to 90738, click on a direct link, or go to the general gallery access page and enter your access code. In this example, we’re going to go to the gallery access page, located at http://galleries.photoday.io.

Step 2

You can enter your gallery access code here. If you don’t have a code, please contact your photographer for this information…or ask a friend!

Step 3

There are three possible ways for you to search for photos. Your photographer may choose one or more of these methods to display – so you may not see them all. In this example, we’re going to use FaceFind, which is the quickest and easiest way to find your photos.

Step 4

For FaceFind, upload a photo of the person you’re looking for and we’ll quickly find them in the gallery!

Step 5

Go ahead and take a peek at the photos filtered by FaceFind, and select your favorites by clicking on the heart icon on the left side of each thumbnail!

Step 6

When you find a photo you love, click Shop Now! Chances are you’ll find more than one photo you like. You can always click “favorite” and come back to all your favorites later.

Step 7

Select a package or a single product. In this example, we’re going to select a package.

Step 8

You can view the contents of the package and begin customizing the individual products in the package. Go ahead and crop each photo however you’d like. You can also swap out the image for any of your favorites by selecting the ‘Change Photo’ button. Once you’re satisfied, hit the ‘Save’ button to automatically move on to the next product in the package!

Step 9

Some specialty products will have more customizable options such as themes, multiple photos, and text fields. Once you have your products the way you want them, you can add the package to your shopping cart.

Step 10

In your cart, you can edit your selection, adjust the quantity of items, continue shopping, or checkout when you’re ready.

Step 11

Now, all you have to do is add your contact and delivery information, select a shipping method, and apply any coupon codes you may have received. If you purchased an AdvancePay credit, be sure to sign in using the same mobile number you used to purchase the credit – it will then automatically apply to your total. Once you’re ready, enter your payment method, and hit the “Pay Now” button. And you’re done!

Want more step-by-step info?
Take a look at our guide here!
Download the PDF version here!
Watch the video

If you wish to reorder any photos or another pose, simply log back into the gallery and place another order just as you did the first time. If you’ve lost the gallery access code, look for the link in your order confirmation email or text message from 90738.

Yes! All photos can be shared on social media, text, or email. Images are watermarked to protect the copyrights of your photographer. If you wish to download a non-watermarked copy, you can purchase a digital download of the photo.

Purchasing digital copies of your photos is a great way to preserve your memories in a format that will never degrade with time, or be susceptible to the elements. PhotoDay offers two options when downloading photos: a low resolution download, and a high resolution download. 

When those photos are purchased, you will receive two emails.

The first one is your order receipt, which includes the direct link to your downloads. You simply have to click on the link, which will open the photo within your internet browser. You can then save that photo to your computer.

The second email is a print release.

This email details the rights of the customer and fair use of the digital photo, which is limited to personal use only – which includes the option to print the photos in whatever manner you wish. However, the photography studio will retain the sole rights for commercial reproduction. The studio is responsible for obtaining photo release waivers from the subject or subject’s parents if their intent is to use a photo for commercial purposes.

If for whatever reason you do not receive your download links in your receipt email, please reach out to your studio, and they will be able to arrange getting your receipt resent to you!


If your photos have been received damaged, please contact us directly. As a precaution, please keep the original packaging and products received. 

PhotoDay accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. You can also pay with ApplePay and GooglePay. Orders should be placed before the end of the month.

Sales taxes are applied to your purchase based on your billing location of 8.125%

No, you can buy a la carte

Unfortunately no. You will need to trust us. We have worked for several years in this field producing high-level and creative images. You will be able to see your final images 2-3 weeks after the photoshoot. You will be able to buy them but without a discount.

You will get your personalized access code once you book your time. Fujiko will email it to you the day after.

We would like to spend the same time with each of our players. Please reserve a time per each player.

Accordion Content

Be our guest. You don’t need to buy from us to take your photo but you definitely want to have your photo taken. We will create composites of the teams and you don’t want to be “out of the picture”. The other important reason is that these photos will be presented at the End of the Season Party! We understand that you definitely want to be part of the slide show!

If for some reason you love your photo, which we know you will, you can get it later 🙂

Thank you so much. Can't wait to see you at our studio!

Questions: 469 360 1500 - Fujiko

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